Tuesday 21 June 2022

More Crochet

 Hi all.I know this is a very boring picture lol.It is a really lovely colour blue though,and the start of a giant Granny Blanket another Stash Buster this is the first colour.I don't know about anybody else,but I have really bad Hayfever at the moment do you suffer as well.I now have Basil at my house quite a lot,as he has now moved from St.Agnes he is really spoiled bless him.Do hope you are enjoying the weather when we get some hot sun.Oh yes,last night we had a Mahoooosive Transporter Plane go right over our house,thought it was going to hit us sooooo very low.It circled around and came back TWICE.I can tell you I was scared.May have come from Culdrose don't really know.Phew.Take care,keep safe in the sun and look after your pets,as I know you will.xx

Friday 3 June 2022

Puppy blanket.

 Hi Happy Jubilee Friday to you all,and do hope you are all having lovely warm sunshine like we are in St.Agnes.This is my Stash Busting,Slap Dash very quick Puppy Blanket for Mossy the lil Jack Russell pup my friend has just got,he is soooo cute.Have a great Weekend all.xx PS: It is folded in half.

 Hi Happy Saturday all.Just a lil bit of crochet to show you.The start of one of my stash busting giant granny square blankets.I am learning...