Sunday, 31 October 2021

Treat For Me

 Happy Halloween everybody.I was treated by my lovey friend Jo ( dark hair ) to Afternoon Tea at The Penventon Hotel in Redruth yesterday.Lovely surprise to be invited to her 60th lil get together.Her mum in sitting down,93 years young and her friend another Jo,she has known forever,oh and me of course,in me posh shirt which comes out on the very rare occassion I go anywhere lol.They were getting ready for the Halloween Party,so all the staff were dressed up and the room decorated,a bit scary but oh so nice.The food was amazing and the staff were lovely.Happy Sunday,the weather here is like many places,very very windy and heavy showers.Take care all.Huggles

Thursday, 28 October 2021


 Hi,Thanks everyone.He is home but in a lot of pain difficult to walk and sit and lie.Doctor said he was lucky not to puncture anything,as he has a nasty gash all down one side.Severe bruising ( again ) but ok thank god.Doctor ringing today and may visit,depending on his work load.I am still groggy from lack of sleep,but taking dog out to blow cobwebs away.Glyn has his phone if he needs me.Oh this pic is from my back garden.Happy Thursday ( is it Thursday lol ).xxx

Wednesday, 27 October 2021


Hi,well that was eventfulGlyn had another nasty fall at 2am this morning in bedroom.waited 5 hours for ambulance,felt so guilty bothering them but he was in pain and breathing not good didn't know what to do for the bes,so waited in the phone queueThe guys were sooo very kind to us both,and took him in as worried about kidneys.I am running on empty as no sleep.Will update later.

Monday, 25 October 2021


 Hi,watch out,the "Hooks" about.Just thought  I would start some, dare I say the word "Christmas" Hooking.This will be a Cowl and some Wrist Warmers to match.I particularly like this rich colour.It is,I think James Brett Cynet,does that make sense.Happy Monday

Thursday, 21 October 2021

My lovely Artist Friend

 Yaaaay,My friend Jan who is a St.Agnes Artist,has very kindly re vamped my bedroom chest of drawers.She has done 2 and this is one of them.Click to get a better view.I absolutely love them.She is going to do a bigger one for me soon.

Sunday, 17 October 2021


 2 posts in one day blimey what's going on.This is another very quick card.It's going to,the husband of my oldest and dearest friend who very sadly passed away a year ago from cancer.It's a long story but was so devastating for her wonderful husband and all who knew her.I constantly think about her and what we used to do together in the 70's, and 80's and beyond.When we worked together and spent loads of time crafting to raise money for The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon,we raised absolutely thousands of pounds.

Update House

Hi,As you can see,the house from the outside at least is finished.Sorry about the scruffy drive and garage door.The drive is being cleaned next week and the garage door replaced next Spring.The back garden is a mess at the moment,our friends who painted the house are painting the fences for us.The Conservatory is full of "stuff " as the garage is being re organised and lots of " stuff " going.It's never ending.the garden pots are going,and the garden is being re done probably next Spring too.The bedroom is " painted " but now dithering about fitted or free standing wardrobes,carpet etc.It will all get done.Then there downstairs to do eeeeeeek.I am just in the middle of making a very simple card will post soooooon.Happy Sunday to you all.xx

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Work Desk

 Hello,hope you are all ok.thank you for the lovely comments on my last post,and yes she loved the lil card and present.Ooooh the sun has just come out,good as it has been raining.This is what I am working on at the moment.Have not used this stamp for years.Of course,I am out in a min to dog walk for rest of day so will post when I have the energy to finish it lol.Hugs xx

Sunday, 3 October 2021

new Home

 Hi,I think this is the worst card I'v ever made ha ha.Made it so quick for a friend just moved in down the road into the most amazing dream house which they had built.You can't see but it does say New Home inside.The card is so small no room to put it on outside lol.Anyway I know she will love it even if I did mess up one of the mice lol.She is not a crafter in any way so she wont even know it's a botch.It looks better irl.xx

Friday, 1 October 2021


The outside of the house finished.Now for the inside.The before of the main bedroom right boring I know.The room has now been painted which I will post soon,but as the colours are soft they might not show up very well.Still the doors and frames to paint and carpet to choose,also curtains etc.So exciting.I must take a pic of the outside too,just keep forgetting and of course "The Weather" is rubbish lol.

 Hi Happy Saturday all.Just a lil bit of crochet to show you.The start of one of my stash busting giant granny square blankets.I am learning...