Monday, 31 January 2022

Been playing.and flowers.

 Happy Monday everybody,and do hope you are all well and keeping safe,warm and snuggly.It is freezing here,that cold biting wind has returned,just now it has  gone very grey and drizzly the blue sky has disappeared.Oh well,it is Winter lol.I have so much yarn it's not funny.I have been playing with some this morning,in between dogs and housework.I found this pretty pattern free on Bunny Mummy's blog with step by step if you need it.What do you think of the colour combo.
and,yaaaaay we have flowers at last.Take care ya all.xx

Friday, 28 January 2022


 Hi,just a lil Valentine card for someone to give.I never usually make these.The inspiration for this particular design was gained from looking on Chris's blog "here's one I made earlier"she is so talented,thanks Chris.I just use Distress Inks all over ( did the moon first ),then used my heart stencil and Lavinia Bunnys,oh and a white gel pen.xxHappy Fridayxx

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Boots and plant.

 Well here are THE BOOTS.You can see the pattern better if you click on pic.Just couldn't resist them,going to grow old disgracefully lol.I also bought a pair of slippers,fab shop wanted all of the boots.

Just wanted you to see that The Amaryllis is starting to flower slowly.Happy Thursday.xx

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Daisy B Card

 Hi,I'm still on cloud 9 from my fabulous Birthday.I was all ready for a quiet day crafting.Then my best friend came and said she was taking me out to my most fav place for the afternoon,well didn't have to ask me twice.Had a brilliant time,lots of laughs,cake and new boots,slippers,and a top.There is an Outlet shoe shop and clothes shop on the way,so we thought why not.Can't wait to show you my boots,they are not the norm,but them neither am I !! My card is a new stamp from Daisy B,I also have the Spanials,Labrador,Boot Prints and Muddy Boots.This is to send to a very talented card maker,many of you will know her.Kath All That Glitters.She is so talented,I am in awe of her creations.Happy Day xx

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

70 today

 Hi,What a morning the door bell has not stopped ringing.Was out very early dog walking just got back  and.Flowers and more flowers.A beautiful "Light house pendant and earrings chocs.I am being taken out to my most favourite place in the world ( and my brothers ) Gwithian and Godrevy Light house to see the seals hopefully and have cake and a cuppa,can't wait.Oh yes the above pic is of me when I was YOUNG lol,with Candy the Golden Retriever.We adored each other she wouldn't go out with anyone but me bless her heart.Have a good day all.xx

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Sad news

 Hello,hope your Sunday is going well.It is a pleasant day here.I enjoyed my afternoon at The Garden Centre,but while I was there,I had a phone call to say my lovely friend has passed away.Do you remember,I made her the card  ( Nitwits ) with the dog and cats on it.She had been very very ill for a number of years and was not having any quality of life at all.I suppose for her it is a release from pain,but I will miss her sharp wit and intelligence.xx On a happier note,I had a lovely time with close friends for lunch yesterday.The food was really good although my "Poached Pear" was like concrete so I don't think the chef had heeded the clue in the word "Poached" lol.Received some Beautiful Flowers and lil  pair of earrings,so lovely of them.Enjoy your day.xx

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Basil my boy

 Hi,just thought I would post a pic of my beloved Basil.this is an old pic,as he is 8 now.I have been looking after Basil since he was 4 months old and we are best mates.I feel he is half mine,I have trained him,he is quite the lil mischief and knows because I love him so much,he will try it on sometimes so I have to firm but kind.I am such a softy when it comes to animals anyway,they always come First lol.So Happy Thursday all.I am being taken to The Garden Centre later,by a friend ( we do not drive anymore ) as the start of my Birthday Treats.They have rather a delightful Coffee Shop ( I only drink Tea lol ) where they serve fab food,and the view is just wonderful too.See ya all later.x

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Birthday Card and..............

 Hi Happy Wednesday,she says yawning as was up at silly oclock to dog walk.This card is for Basils owner his Birthday is the day after mine next week.Mine will be the ~Big 70 on Tuesday.The gorgeous doggy ( Thank you Caroline ) is coloured with Distress Ink and Watercolour brush markers,stencil from The Works,papers in stash.xx

And,as you can see the Amaryllis is growing at a rate of knots.x

Monday, 17 January 2022

Pink Frog Chrysanthimum Card

 Hi,Happy Monday.The sun is shining,clear blue sky,very cold and there was ice in the bird bath this morning brrrrr,but a gorgeous day.Have already done 2 doggy walks.Well,here it is The Card.I must say I am very happy with it,and it is so bright irl,the colours are so pretty.Took ages to cut out the flowers,mounted them on foam pads.Hope you like it.xx

Saturday, 15 January 2022


 Happy Saturday all.Well,it is a lovely day here NO wind or rain.Blue sky just lovely yes it's cold but that's ok,it is Winter.I sorta half made a card,but didn't like it at all.So,I'v cut out the Chrysanthimum and starting again.Stamped onto my new Pink Frog Super Smooth Water Colour Card and coloured with the New Pencils in the Bundle,nice very soft.Will post the finished card sooooon.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Wooo hooo new stuff

 Hi all,hope you all doing ok.Very chilly but bright blue sky and dry today.Great for dog walking.I have been spending,very naughty but oh so nice.Pink Frog, Water colour pencils ( as if I don't have enough ) Super Smooth Card Stock,and Water Colour Card.Plus their Chysanthemum Stamp,Red Liner Tape,and 2 Quickie Glue Pens.What's not to like.Happy Thursday.x

Monday, 10 January 2022

Cowl 2

 Cor blimey,2 posts in one day and on a Monday !!!!!! You may remember me posting this when I first started on it.Used up the last of me flowers on this one.I am pleased with it cus it does acually look like a Cowl lol.x


 Hi,Happy Monday.Has anyone had one of these before.I am like a kid,I Love these plants but never had one and now I have got one as a gift from a lovely neighbour.She has had a stroke a long time ago,she sits by the window and I wave to her all the time.She said it lifts her and so she gave me this.I can tell you,it made me cry,as I just wave to her as I go by with the dog etc.

Saturday, 8 January 2022

It's okish

 Hi.Well,can't say I'm happy with it,I know I can make far better and prettier than this.Like I said found this when I was sorting.Was a scarf,but thought it would make a nice Cowl.Wrong.I think it's too long but went ahead and sewed up and put the flowers on anyway.Top is the front.Oh well I think she will like it.xxHappy Saturday,been out with dog.Absolutely chucking it down and hailstones but got some "fresh air" ha ha.xx

Thursday, 6 January 2022

Finishing off wips.

 Hi,hope you are all keeping cosy.We have had a freeeezing few days but now it's wet, wet, wet.I went for my Booster Jab yesterday,no side effects,but oh my arm does keep throbbing intermittently but a small price to pay for being fully vaccinated ay.Right onto the photo,this is a Cowl I made ages ago and not finished.I then played about making some lil ornamental flowers,found them !! so,thought why not sew them on to it,these are waiting to be sown on.I have since put a few more on (more pics to come).Decided to gift it to my friend,I know she will love it.Happy Thursday whatever you are doing.xx

Saturday, 1 January 2022

happy New Year

 Hi,just wanted to wish all my lovely blogging buddies and friends,A Very Happy New Year.I do hope sincerely that it will be A Happy Healthy and Hopeful New Year for us all.I myself am going to try and be positive and look to the future with a happy heart,but keep all the precious memories of my Beloved Brother,in my heart and smile when I think of him.Today,I will light his candle once again as I do every day and look at his photograph and raise a glass to him.As no doubt many of you do to your loved ones who are no longer with you.Take care all,and see you

 Hi Happy Saturday all.Just a lil bit of crochet to show you.The start of one of my stash busting giant granny square blankets.I am learning...