Friday, 22 July 2022

Basil and Crochet

Hi,just a quicki post.Thought you might like to see Basil trying to keep cool,bless him this was when he couldn't go out on a walk because the ground was too hot for his paws.Also my crochet blanket is growing slowly.Happy Weekend,hope all well with you.xx

Sunday, 17 July 2022

En it Ot

 Don't know about you but cor blimey it aint arf OT ere.I know some parts of the country are much much hotter than we are and boy do I feel sorry for them.It says tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be dangerously hot in some parts,you know what to do.Stay hydrated,wear the right clothes and HAT.Keep pets indoors or good shade,make sure they have lots of fresh clean water at hand.I have a large bowl at end of drive for the many dog walkers that go by here.I'm hoping I wont see many tomorrow thought as the ground is tooooo HOT for their lil paws cope with,as well as the heat.Take care all.

Thursday, 7 July 2022


 Hi all.Happy Summer do hope you are all ok and having Sunshine.Not been on, as like most of us,we are very busy.I am busier than ever with wall to wall Dog Walking although more like hobbling along. I have been able to watch some Tennis as I am a Huge Fan.My Crochet Blanket is coming along nicely too.So have posted our local beach,5 mins down the lane to us.Do take care and see you all soon.xx

 Hi Happy Saturday all.Just a lil bit of crochet to show you.The start of one of my stash busting giant granny square blankets.I am learning...