Sunday 17 July 2022

En it Ot

 Don't know about you but cor blimey it aint arf OT ere.I know some parts of the country are much much hotter than we are and boy do I feel sorry for them.It says tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be dangerously hot in some parts,you know what to do.Stay hydrated,wear the right clothes and HAT.Keep pets indoors or good shade,make sure they have lots of fresh clean water at hand.I have a large bowl at end of drive for the many dog walkers that go by here.I'm hoping I wont see many tomorrow thought as the ground is tooooo HOT for their lil paws cope with,as well as the heat.Take care all.


  1. What a fab beach Lee. Beautiful
    Hot here in the frozen North too - I shall not be venturing anywhere for the next few days! x

  2. It was as hot here yesterday on the north Wales coast as it was in London. I am not looking forward to these next couple of days and my little dog will be safely at home with the fan on. Take care x

  3. Sure is hot we are staying in and keep cool. take care in this heat Ginny
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  4. you have more of the heat than we do in Manchester, I hope you have a few cooling breezes off the lovely sea on your doorstep to help to cool you. Certainly not dog walking days for you at the moment but all change Wednesday when it's back to the thermal vest hahahaha xx

  5. Its boiling isn't it Lee, for once I am glad of any breeze that comes my way :)) I am praying that the silly people who think dog walking in this is fair game, bless you for the water bowl though, my granddaughters cat , Luna, just does not know what to do with herself, we even put the fan on for her yesterday and she lay there for a while haha. Take care lovely lady stay

  6. I'm skulking indoors, craft room is the coolest in the house in the mornings. Too warm outside for Marvin even though there is a breeze- he's too 'busy' to stay in the shade and it's 31 degrees already (not 11am yet!) and he won't settle if I'm outside and he's not! I'll get the paddling pool out for him later, that will cool him down a bit.
    Keep as cool as you can!

  7. Thankfully it isn't too extreme up north. I don't know how some people are coping in the south of the country. X

  8. Another lovely photo Lee, take care in the heat.
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