Saturday 1 April 2023

 Hi Happy Saturday all.Just a lil bit of crochet to show you.The start of one of my stash busting giant granny square blankets.I am learning how to upload my photos on here.I have loads on my phone but cant put then on here.So they are on my facebook photos I am Ronni Mog on FB if anybody wants to have a look.You are more than welcome to if you are on FB.

Phew,I have done a bit of different crochet but as I say,it's on my phone lol.

So how are you all.I do hope you are all in good health and if not then I am sending huge hugs.I do know a couple who have had other more sad things happen too.

I am still walking Basil although today I have a day off,so am going up to the Craft Market.

The weather has been dire,rain rain rain rain and yes rain.

Also we have water coming in to our rather old Conservatory and need to get it fixed pronto its the flashing which needs to be replaced,oh joy.

Well,that's me.Happy

EDIT.Thank you all for your lovely comments,means a lot.What I forgot to say is that Glyn usually puts the pics on here for me from my camera.xx

Monday 20 February 2023

What a couple of cr*p weeks

 Hi,Just popping in to say.Dont know about you all but we have had a bad couple of weeks here.Glyn had two falls again and we both have chest infections.I'v more or less been in bed for the last week and feel as weak as a kitten at the moment.Anyway,I am trying to pick up the crochet hook and do a bit.Hoping you are all well.xx

Friday 6 January 2023



Hello all,and a very happy 2023 to you.lets hope it's going to be a lot better than 2022.The above pics are all WIPS that I am going to finish off this year.They are all blankets.The top one should be finished by next weekend and is a mixture of yarn,so a stash buster,next I have run out of the yarn so must get some more,and the last one I just got a bit fed up with being a bobble stitch,so must get on and finish it,it is so pretty and big.Hoping to blog a lot more this year.Hugs xxx

Friday 21 October 2022


 Hello,Just to say over the last few months,like many others,I think I have been over doing stuff.I have been unwell on and off so have not been blogging.I have done a bit of crochet but forgot to take photos cus head was not thinking.So,just letting you know I will be back blogging as soon as I feel up to it.have been in bed this last week so still feeling a bit weak and feeble.Do hope you are all ok,and those who are suffering illness or whatever in your life.I wish you all the best.See you soon I hope.Take

Sunday 21 August 2022

 Hello,yes I am a bad blogger.but to be honest I am not good in the heat and have found my energy levels really low and have struggled to do the basic of jobs.Tomorrow I am having an extraction so wish me luck wont you.How to display blankets,I am not good at this either lol,never been one for fancy staging as you can see.Anyway,my friend Amanda fancied this one so she will be receiving it soon she only lives down the road.Hope you are all ok and have been enjoying The Summer.Take care all.Hugs xx

Friday 22 July 2022

Basil and Crochet

Hi,just a quicki post.Thought you might like to see Basil trying to keep cool,bless him this was when he couldn't go out on a walk because the ground was too hot for his paws.Also my crochet blanket is growing slowly.Happy Weekend,hope all well with you.xx

Sunday 17 July 2022

En it Ot

 Don't know about you but cor blimey it aint arf OT ere.I know some parts of the country are much much hotter than we are and boy do I feel sorry for them.It says tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be dangerously hot in some parts,you know what to do.Stay hydrated,wear the right clothes and HAT.Keep pets indoors or good shade,make sure they have lots of fresh clean water at hand.I have a large bowl at end of drive for the many dog walkers that go by here.I'm hoping I wont see many tomorrow thought as the ground is tooooo HOT for their lil paws cope with,as well as the heat.Take care all.

 Hi Happy Saturday all.Just a lil bit of crochet to show you.The start of one of my stash busting giant granny square blankets.I am learning...