Sunday, 21 August 2022

 Hello,yes I am a bad blogger.but to be honest I am not good in the heat and have found my energy levels really low and have struggled to do the basic of jobs.Tomorrow I am having an extraction so wish me luck wont you.How to display blankets,I am not good at this either lol,never been one for fancy staging as you can see.Anyway,my friend Amanda fancied this one so she will be receiving it soon she only lives down the road.Hope you are all ok and have been enjoying The Summer.Take care all.Hugs xx

Friday, 22 July 2022

Basil and Crochet

Hi,just a quicki post.Thought you might like to see Basil trying to keep cool,bless him this was when he couldn't go out on a walk because the ground was too hot for his paws.Also my crochet blanket is growing slowly.Happy Weekend,hope all well with you.xx

Sunday, 17 July 2022

En it Ot

 Don't know about you but cor blimey it aint arf OT ere.I know some parts of the country are much much hotter than we are and boy do I feel sorry for them.It says tomorrow and Tuesday are going to be dangerously hot in some parts,you know what to do.Stay hydrated,wear the right clothes and HAT.Keep pets indoors or good shade,make sure they have lots of fresh clean water at hand.I have a large bowl at end of drive for the many dog walkers that go by here.I'm hoping I wont see many tomorrow thought as the ground is tooooo HOT for their lil paws cope with,as well as the heat.Take care all.

Thursday, 7 July 2022


 Hi all.Happy Summer do hope you are all ok and having Sunshine.Not been on, as like most of us,we are very busy.I am busier than ever with wall to wall Dog Walking although more like hobbling along. I have been able to watch some Tennis as I am a Huge Fan.My Crochet Blanket is coming along nicely too.So have posted our local beach,5 mins down the lane to us.Do take care and see you all soon.xx

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

More Crochet

 Hi all.I know this is a very boring picture lol.It is a really lovely colour blue though,and the start of a giant Granny Blanket another Stash Buster this is the first colour.I don't know about anybody else,but I have really bad Hayfever at the moment do you suffer as well.I now have Basil at my house quite a lot,as he has now moved from St.Agnes he is really spoiled bless him.Do hope you are enjoying the weather when we get some hot sun.Oh yes,last night we had a Mahoooosive Transporter Plane go right over our house,thought it was going to hit us sooooo very low.It circled around and came back TWICE.I can tell you I was scared.May have come from Culdrose don't really know.Phew.Take care,keep safe in the sun and look after your pets,as I know you will.xx

Friday, 3 June 2022

Puppy blanket.

 Hi Happy Jubilee Friday to you all,and do hope you are all having lovely warm sunshine like we are in St.Agnes.This is my Stash Busting,Slap Dash very quick Puppy Blanket for Mossy the lil Jack Russell pup my friend has just got,he is soooo cute.Have a great Weekend all.xx PS: It is folded in half.

Friday, 20 May 2022


 Hello all,Happy Friday.Well,it's a whole week since The Duffer left us and I think I feel worse than I did last week.Anyway,I have tried to make an effort for a dear friends birthday.She is 94 tomorrow and the mum of one of my friends.As you can see it's just stamped straight onto card and coloured with brushes,very quick and simple.I will try and catch up with you all on Sunday my day off.In the mean time take care and look after each other.xx

  Hello,yes I am a bad blogger.but to be honest I am not good in the heat and have found my energy levels really low and have struggled to d...